It’s that time of year again with when traditionally people think about giving something up for Lent (whether you’re religious or not). From giving up smoking, chocolate, sugar or alcohol we usually think solely about giving up. Well this year what about considering taking something up for a change??? For the 46 days of Lent think about taking up something that will have a positive impact on you or on others. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Give yourself 5 minutes a day with a daily meditation – count the breath from 10 down to 1 or try a mindfulness meditation with a body scan.
  • Roll out your yoga mat, sit on it & see what happens
  • Do 2 Sun Salutations – get your heart pumping
  • Do some Cat/Cow stretches
  • Hip stretches – low lunge/runners lunge, lizard lunge
  • Try the Pilates – 100 (vary the leg position for a challenge)
  • Try the Pilates chest lift (upper abs) & toe taps (lower abs) for 5 repetitions each
  • Smile!