Ready to practice at home

Ready to practice at home

How to Start a Yoga Practice 2021

Are you looking forward to 2021? We are! As we enter the new year, with hopes of a more permanent solution to the pandemic, many of us are thinking of January as a fresh start. With the new year naturally comes new year resolutions. If one of your resolutions is to start a regular yoga practice in 2021, here are our best tips to do it!

Focus on only one goal for 2021

Fresh starts are great but we have to be careful to not overdo them! If practising yoga regularly is your most important new year resolution, focus on that first and leave other goals on your list for later in the year. This way you can focus all your efforts on your most important goal and avoid turning your whole life upside down by changing too much in one go!


Practise yoga both in the studio and at home

It’s always good to have an alternative to practicing yoga at the studio. That way, if you can’t go to the studio you do not have to completely stop your practice . Check out online classes and find one that gels with you. We offer both online live classes that you can join from the comfort of your home and also video on demand so you can practise with your favourite teacher when it suits you.


Create a routine around your yoga practice

Would it not be great if doing yoga became an effortless decision? Just like brushing our teeth. The easiest way to turn doing yoga into a habit is to surround it with a routine.

First, decide how many days per week you want to practise yoga and at what time of the day (e.g. right after waking up, right after getting home from work). Then, choose where you are going to practise. Try to dedicate an area in your home to your yoga practice (e.g. a corner of your living room). Finally, do it consistently as much as possible!


Don’t try to be perfect

We see practising yoga as an act of self-care. Since kindness is also part of caring for ourselves, remember to be kind to yourself when your yoga practice goes slightly array. It is not easy to start a new routine but, as long as you keep at it, you will notice it becomes easier and easier over time and those initial hiccups are meaningless in the end.


Don’t do it by yourself

If you always do yoga by yourself you lose all the advantages that come with attending live yoga classes, either in person or online. One of those is getting to know fellow yoga lovers.

Become part of a yoga community and pair the pleasure of practising yoga with that of meeting people (when it is safe to do so) whose company you enjoy. It will help you stay motivated to attend the classes!

Another option is to invite someone you know to practise yoga regularly with you outside of classes. But make sure they are as committed as you are.


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