I had the pleasure recently of going on a yoga holiday in Donegal over the June bank holiday run by Elma & Patsy Toland (https://www.facebook.com/Thespout). They were amazing hosts and I really enjoyed every minute of the 3 days we spent in sunny Donegal. Elma was my teacher while studying for my teaching diploma so I was eager to join her classes knowing her encouraging style and depth of knowledge would leave me inspired.

It was such a luxury to spend 2 full mornings doing yoga classes for myself. As a yoga teacher it can be difficult to get time to join classes on a regular basis. While I have a regular home practice there is something amazingly uplifting about joining a class full of like-minded people & sharing their energy yet still being completely present right in my own space. Reminded me why I love yoga so much.

I returned from my weekend feeling totally refreshed – having completely switched off. I got to do some wonderful yoga and spend time with great friends.