Pilates class at Breathe studio

Life now is so different from 18 months ago. The world has changed and so have we. While some people still feel safer at home, others crave the human connection they were used to before the pandemic.

We at Breathe Yoga & Pilates don’t want anyone to be left out of our classes. We want yoga and pilates to be your safe place. It is to suit all your needs that we are now blending both online and in studio classes to bring you our hybrid classes!


In-studio yoga and pilates classes in Trim

We are delighted that we are finally back in our studio!

With the colder months approaching, our fun garden classes are no longer a reliable option. But it is still essential for us to preserve your safety. That is why our in-studio classes have changed slightly.

No more than 8 participants are now allowed to be in the studio classes at the same time. With smaller classes we can maintain physical distancing.

There are also other precautions we are taking. You can read everything on this document.

And you can book our in-studio yoga and pilates classes in Trim, Ireland, through our website or the bsport app.


Online yoga and pilates classes

Who would have thought we’d be teaching online classes and liking it so much ?

Yes, the technology is challenging at times! But our online classes allow us to keep supporting more of our clients despite having smaller in-studio classes!

Anyone with a device that connects to the internet can join us without having to walk out their front door. We find this is a very important option for people who simply feel safer at home.

You can join us for online class, where you will attend the class at the same time as those at the studio and have the live support of the instructor.

Or you can watch a video from our Videoon-Demand platform (access link via website). This option is very handy for busy people! You get to choose when to practice from a selection of our wide range of classes and courses.

Book our in-studio and online classes through the book and buy page of our website. You need to purchase a class pack before you can book a 5 week beginners Pilates course. For online classes, you will receive the Zoom link by email. For Video-on-Demand classes, you can subscribe via our website.


These are challenging times. So much is changing and continues to change. We want to remind anyone who feels overwhelmed by these changes that we are here to support you!

For those who feel it is time to take care of their body and mind, join us. For those who have more questions for us, don’t hesitate in contacting us.

See you soon!