person practising yoga at home in front of computerIt seems like whenever we are settling into a new routine a new restriction comes along and pushes us to readapt yet again. All this uncertainty keeps forcing us to change!
Every week we tweak something within Breathe Yoga & Pilates. Some changes are mandatory given the current climate while others are the result of lessons learnt along the way.
Self-care has been our foundation through all of this. Taking care of ourselves to stay mentally and physically healthy and to be able to support others. That is why we did not stop practising yoga and pilates during the pandemic. And you do not need to stop either!

As we continue with our online classes, we want to take this moment to share with you what is helping us navigate 2020. We hope you find comfort in this.

  1. Accept uncertainty
  2. Be open to change
  3. Take care of yourself


1. Accept uncertainty

The only certainty these days is that nothing remains the same for long. Numbers seem to rule our lives and, since they are bound to fluctuate over time, uncertainty will be here for a while.
With the recent changes in restrictions here in Ireland, we had to suddenly cancel all our in-person classes at the Breathe Yoga & Pilates studio. This was something beyond our control that may happen again in the future. In this new environment we have to accept a certain level of uncertainty and be ready to adapt if our plans do not go according to plan.


2. Be open to change

Carrying on as before is not always possible. Some of us used to get all our social interaction from in-person events, whereas now we have to turn to digital alternatives like Zoom.
Here at Breathe Yoga & Pilates we have been changing the way we do things a lot since March. Initially we cancelled all our classes, then we dived into online classes for the first time ever, then we tried garden classes (which were great fun by the way!), then we got back to the studio and got comfortable with blended classes (a mix of in-person and online classes), and now we are back to just online classes again.
If you are like us and cannot imagine your life without yoga or pilates, consider trying online classes. We love to have you in the studio but that is not always possible. Our online classes allow those who are open to change to keep their bodies and minds active throughout this pandemic!


3. Take care of yourself

Do you ever feel drained? We have been feeling drained more often since the beginning of this pandemic. That is why self-care has been essential to us.
Taking yoga and pilates classes is a form of self-care for many of us. They help us pause, find peace within, recharge. They also help keep our bodies healthy.
You may have heard that you need to fill your cup before pouring into others’. We have found that to be true. By taking care of ourselves first we are better equipped to then help others.


Uncertainty and constant change will probably be here a little longer. But we have made it this far and that is proof enough that we will make it through whatever is to come!
As for Breathe Yoga & Pilates, we will keep offering our online classes no matter what is thrown our way. You are more than welcome to join us.
You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook to always know what is on offer. We post all our updates there!